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Six is Enough

Nora Cruz Sextet (2012)

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This album is now a historical archive available in streaming format only. Downloads are no longer available, but you may stream as often as you like.



  • Nora Cruz, Vocals
  • Billy Edgell, Guitar
  • Rich Cowan, Guitar
  • Eric Gunn, Drums
  • Keith Milne, Bass
  • Tommy Maitland, Trumpet
  • Richard Palmer, Keyboards
  • Andy Zenczak, Sound Engineer
  • Patrick Brede, Sound Engineer Assistant
  • Myles Boisen, Mastering
  • Slipped and Tripped written by: David Porter, Ronnie Williams
  • Move Away written by: Paul Pena
  • Sweet Lover written by: J. McFarland, Sid Wyche
  • Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean written by: Johnny Wallace, Herbert Lance, Charles Singleton
  • You Don't Know What Love Is written by: Don Raye. Gene De Paul
  • You Need to Be With Me written by: Susan Tadeschi
  • Somebody's On Your Case written by: Earl Randle
  • Baby Get Lost written by: Leonard Feather
  • Unchain My Heart written by: William Sanford, Clyde Lovern Otis
  • Sweet Baby Of Mine written by: Sharp
  • It Won't Be Long written by: J. McFarland


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