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Penguin Parade

Banana Slug String Band (1995)


  • "Doug Dirt" Greenfield, bass/vocals
  • "Airy Larry" Graff, acoustic guitar/mandolin/vocals
  • "Marine Mark" Nolan, acoustic & electric guitar/mandolin/vocals
  • "Solar Steve" Van Zandt, guitar/banjo/vocals
  • Children's chorus: Lynn Burns, Priya Choudhuri, Adam Dybdahl, Daniel Holbert, Prema Peden, Claire Rolens, Mayim, Skyler Michael-Eveleth, Ben Friedman, Daniel O'Brien, Dash Pomerantz, Sam Heft-Neal
  • Richard Karst, vocals/acoustic, electric & 12 string guitar/keyboards/trumpet/cornet/flute/bass/harmonica/sopranino udu/drums (California Sea Otter)/percussion/sequencer programming
  • Peter Alsop, vocal (Croak-a-Ribit)
  • Linda Arnold, vocal (Safe At Home)
  • Red Grammer, vocal (Croak-a-Ribit)
  • Norton Buffalo, harmonica (Noses)
  • Daren Chadwick, bubbles (Fishies)
  • Lisa Atkinson, "ants" effects (Ants)
  • Lynn Burns, vocal (Fishies)
  • Danny Frankel, drums/percussion/udu
  • Bruce Campbell, drums (Animals Are Dancing)
  • Adam Dybdahl, lead vocal (Noses)
  • Daniel Holbert, lead vocal (Noses)
  • Steve Hommel, alto & tenor saxes/clarinet
  • Michael Horne, steel drum (Fishies)
  • Kenny Karst, trombone
  • Don Lax, violin
  • Jamil Peden, hipmaster (What Do Animals Need?)
  • Prema Peden, lead vocal (Ants)
  • Mixed by Daren Chadwick
  • Engineered by Daren Chadwick and Richard Karst
  • Digital Editing at Prema Music by Richard Karst
  • Mastered by Brian K. Gardner
  • All songs composed by Steve Van Zandt and The Banana Slug String Band except What Do Animals Need? by Larry Graff and The Banana Slug String Band
  • All arrangements and scoring by Richard Karst and The Banana Slug String Band


©1995 Slug Music (BMI)


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